Former Foster Dogs


Bandit - (Ban-do, Bandja) - He is a King Cavalier Spaniel senior rescued in 2012.  Bandit is a very sweet dog, however will bite unexpectedly.  He is complete deaf. 

Benji - He is a very sweet Schnauzer-mix senior.  He requires special care due to his hips and skin. Benji is the best dog ever!

Daisy - She is a pure breed Pekingese senior with an attitude.   

Ellie (aka LB, L-ja) - She is a Schnauzer-mix who is very loyal and sweet.  She loves people and likes to play. 

Frankie (aka Frankfurter) - A senior Schnauzer-mix who is very sweet.  She loves people.

Heidi - She is a pure breed Schnauzer senior with an attitude. 

Lucy (Lucy-lu) - Mostly blind from cataracts, Lucy is a diabetic.  She is quite loyal, however extremely jealous around other dogs.  Very sweet towards people.   

Roscoe (aka Roscski, Rosca) - He was rescued from Northwest Indiana in 2007 and is 18 years old.   

Stitch (aka Stitch-bo, Stitches, Twitches) - He is a Schnauzer-mix who is very friendly.  Stitch was found stray near Midway Airport in early 2015, weighing only 11 lbs.  Stitch is now 25 lbs. and very healthy.  He likes to bark (often). 

Ty (aka Tybe, Tybo, Tycat, Tycramba) - He is a Schnauzer-mix senior.  Rescued from Central Texas in 2010, Ty is very active and friendly.